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Aphorisms of Askura Alexander Shkuratov


Be like Music and World will Hears YOU!

If you think, that Game is Over, that is not so.
A Game only Begins.
We Perform a leading roles In the General Script of Life.
All stars in the sky look at You exclusively, as You are The Center of Universe.
All Music in the World is intended only for You, as the Center of Love is in Your Heart.
You Define Beauty of the World, and Speak about It.
We are raindrops of Universe.
This Rain Blesses, and Prolongs a Life of the Tired World.
Be like Music and World will Hears YOU!

Sayings by  Askura Alexander Shkuratov



1. Especially pay your attention to music, that your Soul and Heart perceives with Love.
    If you have defined it, it means, that the Energy of Music chosen you,
    very salutary influences on your spiritual and physiological sides.   
    Salutary properties of Musical Energy, is a Great Medicine of the Future!

2. A salutary Sound is vibrations restore psychological balance of the person.
    Musical Harmony promotes to art and philosophical development of your consciousness.
    The human flesh has properties to self-restoration.
    This process directly depends on Surrounding Power around of the person.
    Strangely, enough Energy of Music, to help you to solve your problems with Health
    and to restore your Spiritual Condition. — To Find a Reality.
    You need to know, what Music is chosen by Your Heart.  
    You should listen to desires of Your Heart and Soul.

3. True Music has been given to Mankind by Divine Heavens.
    The most complicated mathematics of Music is woofed from Thin Energy of the Universe
    and Given to People in the Blessing. Each Person has the Sound Individual Frequency.   
    Each Person is a Part of the General Musical Harmony of the Universe.
    The UNIVERSE SOUNDS! Learn to Be in Harmony beautifully with the World.
    Sound your life by Music of Your Soul.
    And then You Change your Perception of Space and All Your Illnesses Will Disappear.
    The Musical Energy you have chosen will create for you a Comfortable Background of the Life
    and will give a New Sense in Comprehension of People surrounding you and Things.

4. The quantity of Talents given by the God to the Artist,
    defines the importance and the validity of his products.

5. Remember, God loves you and He sends you Life-giving Energy — Music.
    God remunerates quantity of Talents of some People,
    which, further as Artists, oblige on the Divine calling to create for Mankind the Musical cloth,
    which should shroud a worldly life, cure Spirit and flesh, to form Hope and Belief.

    Search, listening to your Soul and Heart!

    Sayings by Askura Alexander Shkuratov




Touch the People by the Angelic Wing. They Wait for You.

Who sends you Feeling of Love?
Why It comes suddenly?
Invisibly Someone has Touched You and Heavenly Energy of Love has filled Your Heart.
Why right now? Why not earlier?
The Unearthly Feeling of Happiness has changed Tone and Sense of the Daily World.
How long you will have Wings of Love?
Whither to Fly? What to Sing?
OK! But why other people are not pleased?
You have understood, — they have no Wings.
They became sad because the Malicious Genius has Touched Them.
Their hearts are filled with melancholy.
Love and Happiness! — You Feel Pleasant Dizziness!
You are able to Fly! You Have ALL!
Invisibly Touch the people which have got tired to Wait, Trust and Hope.
Give Them a Sense of Belief, Hope and Love.
The God has Kissed You Once. So be Merciful also and You. -
Touch the People by the Angelic Wing. They Wait for You.

 Sayings by Askura Alexander Shkuratov




Souls Have a Presentiment.
Eyes See.
Hearts Fall in Love.
Ideas outstrip Time.
Feelings appeal to us.
But we hide behind walls and we do not open a door.
The bird has told to you Something, but you have Not Heard.
The Sunlight makes the way to You, but you close Heavy Curtains.
Open to the World.
Smile to Heavenly Light.
Inhale Energy of the World by a full breast and you will recover.
You will grow into the Angel of the World and find out All about itself and about Everything.

 Sayings by Askura Alexander Shkuratov




I very much love our world and pray for HIM

The Mankind creates beauty much time, but someone can destroy it at a one second.
Unfortunately in a history there are such examples.
I very love our world and pray for HIM.

I should tell you about it. Because Heavens have told to me:
Someone wants the Big War, Last War!
Someone wants the Big Blood, Human Blood!
Who wants to kill the World?
But the World it is You and I!
It’s We All Together!

Right now Peace is nailed to the Cross!
Billions eyes dumbly look at execution.
The tacit consent, it is Approval of an incommensurable Human Sin!
Someone wants the Great Victory over World!
Whom to win?
To win us?

Someone wants to conquer Mankind!
The world promptly approach towards self-destruction!
After this the Eternal Gloom will come!
Dark Angels will exult!
They will declare the Victory over Light!

Who are they, those who want to begin the Big War, Last War?
Modern Global War, it is disappearance of our World!
Today power of the Modern Weapon can destroy our world some times.
If to use such Weapon, — the World will not have any chance for existence.
Only mad people can begin the Global War in a modern hi-tech Civilization!

The crimson rivers of Human Blood will flow to the Seas and Oceans.
And will be Red Water in The Seas and Oceans.
Our Beautiful Planet becomes Red from Fire and Blood!

Heavens have told to me:
Let people of all religions and confessions pray the God about Divine Protection! -

The God will return Reason to those who want to go by Road of War.
The God will wrest the Sword of War from hands of Suicides!
The Saint Warriors of Heavens will Protect the Mankind.
Invoke the Heavenly Protection. Pray the God! –
He hears You!

Take down the Peace from the Sacrificial Cross!
Let the White Pigeon of the Peace will feel Freedom in Flight.

 Sayings by Askura Alexander Shkuratov





























    Clarification by Music

1.  Musical Waves besides the mechanical properties are filled with Fantastic Energy.
     Musical Energy it is a Substance  consisting of Harmony, Melodies, Rhythmic and the Art Plan sky-born.

2.  Environment in which we live is filled with sound waves.
     Each Person, an Essence, an Object, an Action, a Word and an Idea have the Vibration
     and also they have the Frequency for Transfer of the Information.
     In this kind the Information (a wave of vibration) Lives in the Universe Eternally.

3.  Some People can tune their own Internal Receiver to the selected Object (audio frequency)
     and they can find the General Resounding Contact with this Object.
     Everything, what Resonates between us is a positive factor of Coexistence.
     Harmony, this is an Agreement between the Spiritual and Art positions.

4.  To get in a resonance with the World is the best supreme point of your Spiritual Explosion.

5.  Person cans more consciously Enjoy Freedom in the Inner World with the help of the Big Music.

6.  Sometimes different people perceive the same work of art differently. It is normal.
     Every Person is the individual in the way of his Soul.  It's very important to have inside quality Spiritual Content.    

7.  For being able to estimate Music, you should HEAR HER.

8.  The True Music cannot become a Mass Product, as the Mass prefers Standard, well Promoted Product.
     (I speak about Music.) Search in Space of Eternal Events, and you will find Satisfaction in Your Soul.
     Music of the Civilization is Music of One Person.

9.  Music influences Person at a molecular level too.
     Ordinary sound fluctuations do not influence the person, only if waves are filled of Combinations of Sense.
     Musical waves, it only a way and means for transfer of Imaginative Characters from the Creator
     to Consciousness and Soul of Person.

10. Why there is a denying of some music (sounds)? —
      Your Heavenly Protection preserves you against penetration into Consciousness
      of adverse Energy which creates discomfort for your Spiritual Harmony.

11. Recognition of the intellectual Information, it is very important process.
      Therefore some people listen to music automatically, without analysis.

12. People which are able to filter a huge stream of ambiguous music,
      (to avoid negative influence) have high parameters of such Precious Qualities
      as Spirituality, Morality, and a strong Internal Position.
      They are able to Estimate and Love Philosophically the World in which they Live.
      Such People, as a rule has the High Spiritual Status, as the Person.

13. To know IT, — it is rather useful. Never and Nowhere you will not find the similar Information
      about Mysterious and Unearthly Influence on the Person by Art Imagery of Musical Energy.

14. Energy of Music are positive and negative, kind and malicious.
      If the Energy of Music bears aggressive character it is possible to Be Wounded Seriously Spiritually.

15. When Music attacks you or when Music Cures you. Be able to define it.   
      Know — really there is an Intention of Destruction. But be quiet — there is a Plan of Creation! 
      Unfortunately, we live between these two opposite Poles.

16. Light Created in the Heart of the Infinite; Somebody’s Unearthly Silhouette,
      or Smile of the God are embodied in Mathematics of Music.
      All this are an Energy of Universe which travels in Human Souls and Consciousnesses.

17. It is impossible to Cancel Music – More easily to Cancel the World.

18. Music induces you to reflect on True Sense of Things, Actions.
      SHE also forms for you Art Construction, Your Unique Individuality.

19. To Think Figuratively, is a Great Advantage of the Person. But!!!
      Try to avoid the far-fetched negative thought, persuasive vicious ideas
      and seductive transactions with Crafty, which has accepted a similitude with Goodness.

20. If  for you Music causes Compassion and Tears, It is the Blessing. — It is a Process of Clarification.

21. Create your personal set of Music, as a set of curative grasses.
      You want to be Better! You want to be Purer!

22. In the Contemporary World it is very difficult to find an atmosphere for a Comfortable Condition of  Soul.
      A lot of Evil has collected in Aura of the World.
      (The Silent Indifference; Sham Idols Celebrate; Questionable Ideals; Depreciation of a Human Life;
      Blessings of Lying Prophets; etc.)

23. Where to find favorable Space for Contemplation? —
      I think, it is a Temple and the Music which has come from Heavens.

24. On our planet is not enough  of purest musical Energy.  
      But people with rich and kind Soul find it, that to be fortified Spiritually and Physically.

25. Divine Mission of Music is capable to Clear Human Trustful Hearts from Sins. 
      Light and Love will fill Them.

26. In a Life there are Many Roads, and many of them Lead to Emptiness.
      But I know One Road which conducts to the Divine Light.
      It is Music! Music, which has come from Heaven, does not look for you. — The person finds Music himself.

27. Music should not Carol or Glorify the Real World.
      Music supposes the Future, but reminds us of  Past and  Present. 
      Every your next action will occur in the Future. Music suggests to you a Movement.
      Think of This.

28. Do not go There, where the Cold and Darkness. Go There, where is Warmly and Light. 
      Go There where Music of your Soul sounds.

29. Music is mathematic art of Universe.
      In our world there are not the Teachers which could help Mankind to learn this Science of the Future. 

30. The Worthy Person should have the Own Hymn.

31. I dream, maybe Heavens will help me to Create the Hymn for the Planet «Earth». I wait.

     Sayings by Askura Alexander Shkuratov


We are Sun folks of the Blue planet!

The Earth is one of islands of infinite Ocean of the Universe.
Earthmen try to come into contact with other Civilizations of Universe,
But here, on the Earth, people lose contact among themselves, unfortunately.
We lose each other. This way not leads us to perfection of our world.
We have one Great Nationality. — We are Earthmen! We are Sun folks of the Blue planet!
It is fine! Take care!
The God has created the Universe not for Itself.
He has created Her for us. He has given us the Heavenly Name. This name is the Human.
The Human Soul is boundless. The Soul is the Universe.

Yours, Askura Alexander

A salutary Sound is vibrations restore psychological balance of the person.
Musical Harmony promotes to art and philosophical development of your consciousness.
The human flesh has properties to self-restoration.
This process directly depends on Surrounding Power around of the person.
Strangely, enough Energy of Music, to help you to solve your problems with Health
and to restore your Spiritual Condition. — To Find a Reality.
You need to know, what Music is chosen by Your Heart.  
You should listen to desires of Your Heart and Soul.

They with grief look at a sinking Ark of the Civilization.

Living in this world, we are in an epicenter of Lie, Violence and Hypocrisy.
The Golden Calf finishes the work successfully.
The mankind is not improved; the mankind satisfying the egoistical lust; it is an irreversible process of Moral Degradation.
The mankind degrades from within; the mankind rolls down, to a bottomless precipice of Immorality.
The Truth is that, — The One who Has Created our World, only HE can Save it,
but not anybody of us.

Yes, you can Light the Torch and to light a Way but only for those people who will wish to follow you.
Livings in the Sin gloom are blind. They cannot see Heavenly Light and the Help Hand.
Almost all Space of our Life is filled by the Sin. The Truth leaves this world; the Truth finds the rescue in souls of lonely People — Angels.
They with grief look at a sinking Ark of the Civilization.
Going to the Light, search for islets where the Truth is still live; where people do not lie each other; where people glorify the God; where people bless each other.
You, who have Come from the God, Search for True Sources of the Life if you wish to be cleared of a dirt and a soot of the Sinful World.

Sayings by Askura Alexander Shkuratov


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